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Sim Only

The easiest way to save money.

Pick from 3 contract length's. 
• 30 Day
• 12 Months
• 24 Month

Why Sim Only?

Sim only contracts are a great way to save money. 
Most devices will last more than 2 years if looked after and if you are running a business sim only is a great way to make a saving.

30 Day contracts

30 Day rolling contracts are great for new or temping staff, it minimizes your risk and with more company's doing BYOD ( bring your own device)   its a clean and simple way to add them to the company. 30 day contracts can also be upgraded at any point to a longer term sim only, saving you more money or to a full contract with a new device / mobile

12 & 24 Month Sim Only

Longer term sim only offers a better saving over 30 day sim only. These contracts are great if you have an existing mobile and want more for your money .

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